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Here you will find a constant source of information and opinion regarding lphysicians leading the delivery of medical care. 

The complexity and cost of health care today requires fundamentally different solutions than in past decades.  The changes will not necessarily be easy or pleasant.  Changing the system will require tough medicine, -  likely involving restructuring programs and organizations, measuring and reporting performance,adjusting values and perceptions among clinnicians, patients, organizations and even communities. 

On this site, you will find the opinions of physician leaders ion these challenges and opportunities, as well as numerous resources to help you understand the myriad issues. 

Clinician Leaders

Leadership by clinicians is paramount to the quality and success of health care.

In the past, the United States was admired for quality of medical caregivers and institutions.  This high quality was largely attributable to the central role of the physician, who rose early, worked tirelessly,  personally collected and interpreted all clinical information, and delivered most treatments.  Medical care was largely a one person show.  All other caregivers and staff, while playing an important role in pateint support, were not considered decision makers.

With advances in medical technology and medical therapy, however, there are numerous decision-making roles in medical care, which  is now dependent on many individual clinicians including physicians, physician extenders, nurses, treatment specialisdts, and techniciians.  WIth so many caregivers, all seemingly dedicated to only one specialty test or therapy, the process of giving and receiving care has become fragemented, disconnected, and inefficient.  Even the patients who have only themselves to focus on, have trouble keeping track of their own complex diseases, treatments, and caregivers. 

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