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FAQ - Physicians Leading

Physicians Leading


What is the DFW Physician Leaders Network?

The DFW Physician Leaders Network was originated by physicians in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who wanted to make medical care better for people.  Unlike physicians who are 100% dedicated to improving people's lives by direct clinical care of individuals, these physicians also search for and lead in impmlementing better structures and kprocesses to deliver that care.  Most are managers or executives in diverse organizations that either directly or indirectly serve the needs of pateints.  The Network works with the American College of Physician Executives to hold quarterly meetings for lecltures, discussions, and networking.

Can I join the DFW Physician Network?

Yes.  Though the DFW Physician Network is composed primarily of physicians, all who embrace our mission are welcome to join.  In fact, given that the future of health care will involve integrating diverse health care services into a seamless experience for the individual pateint, iwe encourage support from everyone wanting to make a difference.

Where do physician leaders work?

Physician leaders work in highly diverse settings including clinics, offices, hospitals, health systems, government, military, insurance, pharmaceutical, information technology, consulting firms, universities, health departments, and more.  The job description and responsibilities of physician leaders is like a fingerprint – unique to the physician and organization – but typically includes managing physician staff, overseeing quality assurance, liaison roles between clinicians and administration, conflict resolution, strategic planning and cost management.

Is there a need for physician leaders?

Is there a need for physician leaders?  With the increased complexity of health care today, the need for skilled physician leaders is critically important. Because physicians join patients at the heart of the medical encounter, they are in a unique position to co-create new strategies from the inside out and physician leaders are trained to add to this perspective a business sense that also looks from the outside in.  This powerful inside-out/outside-in perspective earns the trust and confidence of the patient and everyone else who touches the patient directly or indirectly in clinical care and provision.

What do physician leaders do?

Physician leaders envision, design, and implement new structures and processes.  The leadership may involve clinical or non-clinicall areas.  Leaders provide direction and support to improve the delivery of health care.

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